Breast cancer and Exercise

  • A brisk walk 2-3hours per week lowers risk of death by 45% in breast cancer patients.
  • If that isn’t reason to exercise, I don’t know what is. In a study of nearly 1000 women with breast cancer, compared with women who were inactive both before and after diagnosis, women who increased physical activity after diagnosis had a 45% lower risk of death
    • Influence of Pre- and Postdiagnosis Physical Activity on Mortality in Breast Cancer Survivors: The Health, Eating, Activity, and Lifestyle Study              ML Irwin, AW Smith, A McTiernan, R Ballard-Barbash, K Cronin, FD Gilliland, RN Baumgartner, KB Baumgartner, L Bernstein (J Clin Oncol, 2008)

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